Test standard for dust-free workshop
The development of dust-free workshop is closely related to modern industry and cutting-edge technology. At present, it is widely used in biopharmaceutical, medical and health care, food daily chemical, electronic optics, energy, precision instruments and other industries
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Dust-free workshop floor material selection
Dust-free workshop floor material selection:Dust-free workshop floor material selection;First, PVC floor type: coil, sheet PVC floor, anti-static (surface resistance 106-109ω PVC floor for choice, a variety of colors, available for choice. Two, specifications: sheet thickness of 2.0mm thick, 2.5mm thick, 3.0mm thick and other specifications
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Did the cleanliness meet the requirements? Clean room must have four conditions
In order to obtain good clean effect, the clean room should not only focus on taking reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also require the process, construction and other professional to take corresponding measures
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European clean room crane safety operation requirements
European clean room line is relatively common in the market a crane, in a lot of clean room industry have extensive use, is a kind of high-quality lifting equipment, it can easily complete the lifting operation, make the enterprise material handling operation more easy and convenient
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What are the functions of clean room antistatic clothing
It is clearly stipulated in the clean area of the factory that you need to wear anti-static clothes in the clean room during entering. This is because human body is the main source of pollution in the clean area. Human body has metabolism and will emit into the air through the skin surface, and the divergence intensity will be different with the passage of time. And clean room anti-static clothing can prevent the human body from sending out fine dust as much as possible, so what are the function
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