What are the design points of dust-free workshop

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Dust-free workshop for engineering construction is very high, so clean workshop in the whole process of design and engineering construction must there are a lot of matters, such as excluding pipe and exhaust system regulation also want to pay attention to fire safety and explosion-proof type, wall or concrete floor is thick enough, whether hazards such as raw materials.

What are the design points of dust-free workshop

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Today Hailey Constant purification xiaobian take you to see: dust-free workshop design points:

First, it is strictly prohibited to casually pass through the rebirth of ventilation duct

The ventilation duct of the clean and purification workshop is not allowed to pass through the rebirth of other pipes at will. If the ventilation duct passes through the rebirth at will, it is likely to cause the confusion of the ventilation duct in the design scheme and the whole process of engineering construction in the middle and late purification workshop. Therefore, the construction team must carry out several inspection in the early ventilation duct crossing rebirth engineering project, and identify whether the ventilation duct is suitable to cross rebirth after on-site investigation and then make decisions on the actual engineering construction regulations.

2. Do not transport unsafe substances

The design scheme of the purification workshop and the material provisions of the ventilation duct pipeline at the construction site are extremely strict. In addition to being inflammable and explosive, combustible gas and other non-safety substances with safety risks can not be transported. In the flammable and explosive natural environment to improve the detection, especially in the connection of the system software, all kinds of pipelines must be tight and many pipelines can not set the socket.

Three, can not ignore the lightning protection work

Some construction team, and even do not know the purification workshop design and construction of lightning protection work, must be considered not only to do a good job of the lightning protection and also will work on the key point to improve, such as purification workshop design scheme and construction generally cannot set outdoor riser stationary zipper above the grounding and lightning protection network, Lightning protection work is also the key to ensure the safety of the application of purification workshop afterwards.