Analysis of application scenarios of clean room aluminum profiles

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Clean room aluminum profiles can only be applied in industry, which is the understanding of many small partners on clean rooms. But clean rooms are not just used in industry. They can be found in university laboratories and airports. The following is the customer application case of aluminum clean room. Let's have a look together.

Analysis of application scenarios of clean room aluminum profiles

The application of clean room aluminum profiles in industry is mainly to meet the needs of production technology. To apply this function, the laboratory is to meet the needs of experimental data, and the airport is to meet the needs of customers. In fact, no matter what kind of application scenario, its environment requirements are relatively high, in order to reduce dust and other effects on the product or use. Below is the lab's custom cleanroom.

Clean room aluminum profile

It can be seen from the picture that the whole clean room is made of aluminum profiles + aluminum plastic plates, neat and beautiful. The clean room is divided into three parts of the left and right, the left side is customized into a cabinet style, which can be placed all kinds of tools or experimental materials, in the middle is an open workbench, can carry out experiments on the above, the right side is a drawer type table, can carry out experimental accounting on the above and so on.

Aircraft clean room aluminum profile

The cleanroom used in the airport is used for staff access, with the main purpose of reducing dust entry into the cabin. Moreover, the aluminum profile is lightweight and load-bearing, thus reducing the impact on the aircraft body. The whole aluminum clean room does not need to be painted. It is still as new after 20 years of use. It can also be recycled and reused, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Aluminum clean room

Aluminum clean rooms for industrial applications can be used for three purposes at the same time: dividing the use area, protecting machinery and equipment and controlling the production environment. Mechanical equipment in a certain area, a certain environment to work, can ensure processing accuracy and product quality, can be used in different industries.

The above is the content of Xiaobian. Aluminum clean rooms have different styles, which can be customized according to customer needs, and provide drawings and design solutions.