What are the functions of clean room antistatic clothing

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It is clearly stipulated in the clean area of the factory that you need to wear anti-static clothes in the clean room during entering. This is because human body is the main source of pollution in the clean area. Human body has metabolism and will emit into the air through the skin surface, and the divergence intensity will be different with the passage of time. And clean room anti-static clothing can prevent the human body from sending out fine dust as much as possible, so what are the functions and roles of clean room anti-static clothing? And listen to the Meian family for everyone one description.

What are the functions of clean room antistatic clothing

The first is the dust filter function. In the production of clean room and anti-static clothing will generally choose polyester filament with conductive fibers density higher anti-static clean fabrics, namely conductive fabrics to make clean room and anti-static clothing, anti-static and clean room suit covered up the length of the requirements to the human body, do not let a large body of unfiltered emissions into the clean area, The clean room antistatic clothing is like a shielding shielding device to protect the product from human contamination.

The second is the dust-free function. Most of the pollution in the clean area is from the human body and non-clean room clothes. Therefore, dust-free fabrics and accessories will be selected in the process of designing and producing clean room anti-static clothes. And minimize the possibility of dust and dust accumulation in the cutting, sewing and style design. The so-called dust-free function also refers to the clothing itself does not send dust, no dust.

Dust filter and dust-free are two very prominent functions of clean room anti-static clothing, which determine the excellent clean performance of a clean room anti-static clothing. Therefore, it must be given priority when purchasing clean room anti-static clothing.