Matters needing attention in clean room reconstruction construction

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With the development of science and technology and the upgrading of products production, often need to existing food factory clean workshop or conditions permit the general building for air cleanliness level higher food factory clean workshop or have a certain air cleanliness grade clean workshop, "transforming clean room" mentioned in this section include: (1) clean room for food factory product upgrade, etc Factors, need to be upgraded; (2) Food factory products change, need to adjust the use function, area, etc., the original clean room of the food factory to transform the original clean workshop; (3) The use of general industrial plant, in the area of the plant, the height of the surrounding environment permit, or in the original food factory plant adjacent to or adjacent to the necessary building area and facilities, the original general industrial plant transformed into food factory clean plant. Various engineered food factory of the specific conditions of the clean room is very complex, difference is very big, must be combined with the actual needs and possible, carefully, carefully planning, design scheme comparison, seeking both to do technology reasonable, conform to the requirements of the standard specification, and reconstruction of can reduce costs, reduce running cost of clean room design, to do this must be fully aware of clean room The special requirements of design and construction or the transformation of clean rooms have the following characteristics.

Matters needing attention in clean room reconstruction construction

First, carefully understand the original plant design drawings, the status quo. Before formulating transformation design scheme must carefully review the as-built drawings of original food factory (including hidden project related information, record), and to the scene to the structure of the current situation of serious, responsible to check, pay special attention to the possible existence of abnormal situation, should not appear strange, cracks, etc., and found the abnormal situation, should check the completion figure, take cover engineering records, necessary And organize relevant personnel to conduct research and analysis. Only after confirming that the building structure and bearing capacity can meet the requirements of transformation, can the transformation design plan be drawn up.

Two, carefully check the storey height, area and structural characteristics of the original building (such as the floor bearing capacity, shear wall, load-bearing wall and beam, plate and other adaptability to the transformation requirements, etc.), confirm whether the plane and space layout requirements of the food factory clean workshop can be achieved. The process layout, building structure plane and space layout after repeated coordination, compared to transform food factory clean room layout and spatial layout, consider good product of the production process flow, logistics, and measures to prevent cross contamination, at the same time give full consideration to the purification of the clean room air conditioning system of air duct and its accessories, all kinds of pipeline layout, space arrangement scheme, such ability Determine the design scheme of clean room in food factory.

Three, the design of the clean room of the food factory should also take full account of the flexibility of the production process after it is put into operation, so as to facilitate the adjustment that may occur in the production of products; Attention should also be given to immediate and long-term flexibility to meet the needs of new processes, technologies and equipment that arise with scientific and technological developments. At present, people pay more and more attention to the application of micro-environment technology in the clean room of microelectronics industry, which should be the priority of technical solutions or measures in the transformation of clean room. Even in the pharmaceutical production, cosmetics and food production with no high air cleanliness level requirements in the microelectronics industry, local purification, laminar flow cover or modular clean way is increasingly widely used according to the requirements of the production process.

Four, the construction of the clean room of the food factory is limited by the area, height and structure of the original plant. It is more important to emphasize the construction according to the design drawings, and seriously and timely check whether the design drawings are consistent with the actual situation on the site in the construction process. Once any difference is found, it shall immediately coordinate with the designer, the supervisor or the owner, and the construction can be continued only after modification and remedial technical measures are determined. If necessary, the design party shall modify the design or detailed check, accounting and relevant technical measures shall be notified in writing before the construction can be continued.

Five, engineered food factory clean room construction, for not influence the original factory to modify the room is not part of the normal production (work) or does not affect the original transformation of clean room air cleanliness level, should be adopted in construction process of reliable separation and protection measures and formulate the construction organization plan, arrange good isolation measures, construction machines and tools, materials, personnel in and out of the line and storage place Etc., to ensure that the normal production (work) or the reduction of air cleanliness level is not carried out in the construction process, but after the completion of the transformation project, it can resume production in a short time.

From the determination of the design scheme to the planning schedule of the construction process, the implementation of the project should be as short as possible, reduce the investment cost, in order to achieve the maximum investment benefit.